Welcome to the Department of Tourism

CIMAMS is a nationally recognized management institute that provides students with a combination of theoretical education and hands-on experience in Airline & Tourism Management, Airport Management and IATA Foundation.

The airline, travel and tourism sector is booming and offers a career path that literally spans the globe. The Degree / Diploma / Certified courses offered at CIMAMS provide an ideal entry into the world of airline travel and tourism. CIMAMS has produced hundreds of graduates since its founding in 1984 and its alumni hold several domestic and international management positions in the airline industry.


Advanced Diploma in Airline & Airport Management
This short term course will empower students to gain an insight into various intricacies of modern airline traffic which will ensure immediate placement in world airport and airlines.

Potential jobs

  • Reservation Executive
  • Counter Executive
  • Airline Sales Executive
  • Airline Marketing Executive
  • Airport Operations Executive
  • Ground Handling Executives
  • Check-in Agent
  • Ticketing Agent Cabin Crew
  • Flighe Catering
  • Cargo operation
  • Ramp Planner
  • Passenger Service Agent


First Semester (Six Months)

  • Aviation
  • Ancillary Services
  • Airline and Airport Organization
  • Airline and Travel Management
  • Resources and Logistics at Airports
  • Crew Resources Management
  • Airline Cargo Management
  • (One Day Out) - OBT - Out Bound Training

Second Semester (Six Months)

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Management Process
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Mathematics for Managers
  • Introduction to Airline & Airport Management
  • Industrial Visit to CIAL Academy

Third Semester (Six Months)

  • Aircraft Maintenance & Crew Management
  • Airline Marketing & Aviation Safety Management
  • Principles of Travel, Tourism & Aviation Safety
  • Travel Agency Operations
  • Service Marketing and Public Relations in the Aviation Industry
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Personality Development and Soft Skills
  • Destination Visit

Course Fee Details

Admission fee 5,000
1ST YEAR (Rs.60,000/- on or before JUN 15th+ Rs.40,000 Before SEP 15th) 1,00,000
2nd YEAR (Rs.60,000/- on or before JUN 15th+ Rs.40,000 Before SEP 15th) 1,00,000
3rd ST YEAR (Rs.60,000/- on or before JUN 15th+ Rs.40,000 Before SEP 15th) 1,00,000
Examination fees 1,500 per Year (Rs.1500 X 3 Years ) 4,500
UK Skills Federation fees 4,000
Caution Deposit (refundable at the end of 3 years) 70000
IATA Registration (to Canada) and Coaching fees 5,000
Uniform Actuals/Approximate 5,000

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